Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the SSRS Opinion Panel? We have answers!


What is SSRS?

SSRS is a non-partisan public opinion research firm that conducts surveys. It is located in Glen Mills, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our clients include major universities, private businesses, media and entertainment companies, and non-profit organizations. For further information on SSRS, please visit us at

What is the SSRS Opinion Panel?

The SSRS Opinion Panel is comprised of Americans who have agreed to give us their opinions by participating in web surveys. Panel members are randomly chosen across the country and invited to join the panel. Panel members typically take 1 – 3 surveys per month and earn $5 or more for every survey they take. 

Did the SSRS Opinion Panel send me a text message?

The SSRS Opinion panel will, from time to time, send surveys via text message.  Texts are sent only to panelists who have opted in to receive them and who have given us a mobile number.   Text enabled panelists will receive a message from a toll-free number such as 1-844-704-5764 or 1-855-781-4990.

How do you get my information?

You were invited to an SSRS survey because your household was randomly chosen from a list of addresses or randomly generated phone numbers in the United States.  We had no other information about your household at that point. At the end of the survey you were offered the opportunity to join the SSRS Opinion Panel. At this time you provided your contact information for future surveys.

How do you use my opinions?

SSRS conducts survey research on various topics including politics, social policy issues, attitudes and experiences.  Our clients include media organizations, colleges and universities, foundations and many national or international business organizations who want to improve policies, inform and educate Americans and discuss products and services.  Information we collect remains confidential and your personal information, such as your name or email address, is not associated with your answers.  Panel members can opt out of a survey or the panel at any time.

How do I take surveys?

You can take SSRS Opinion Panel surveys online via your computer, tablet or smartphone.  You will receive an email with a personalized survey link.  You will be able to take the survey by clicking on the link.  If you gave permission to receive text messages, we may send you the survey invitation via text message as well. If you do not have internet access, you can take the surveys via phone.

How many surveys can I take?

On average, SSRS will send you 1 to 3 surveys per month.

Will I get paid?

Yes! You will receive a minimum $5 reward for each survey you complete either via electronic gift code or a mailed check.

How do I join the SSRS Opinion Panel?

The SSRS Opinion panel is by invitation only.  You may have received an invitation letter by mail, or after taking a telephone survey with us we may have invited you to join our panel. If you have already agreed to join the panel, check your email for our welcome message!

Can my friends and family join the SSRS Opinion Panel?

Panel membership is NOT open to friends and family of panel members. We only invite a scientifically selected number of households across the United States to participate.

How do I opt out of the panel?

Panel members can opt out of SSRS Opinion Panel simply by sending an email to with “opt-out” written in the subject line or by calling 1-866-416-2822.

We value your privacy.

Information we collect remains confidential and your personal information, such as your name or email address, is not associated with your answers.

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