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What is SSRS?

SSRS is full service public opinion research firm managed by industry renowned professionals with advanced degrees in social sciences.  It is located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  SSRS is a proud member of the AUS family of companies.  AUS competes in multiple industries, with an emphasis on data-driven enterprises and consulting services.  For further information on SSRS, please visit us at www.ssrs.com

What is the SSRS Opinion Panel?

The SSRS Opinion Panel is an invitation only panel that comprises of group Americans who have agreed to give us their opinions by participating in web surveys.  Panel members are randomly chosen across the country and invited to join the panel.  Panel members typically take 1 – 3 surveys per month and earn $5 or more for every survey they take.

How do you get my information?

Your household was randomly selected to participate in the SSRS Opinion Panel.  Your household may have received a letter from SSRS inviting you to join the panel.  Or, if you completed a telephone survey with us, at the end of the survey you agreed to join the panel.  At this time, you provided your name and email address to contact you about the online survey panel.

How do you use my information?

SSRS conducts survey research on various topics including politics, social policy issues, attitudes and experiences.  Our clients include media organizations, colleges and universities, foundations any many national or international business organizations who want to improve policies, inform and educate Americans and discuss products and services.  Information we collect remains confidential and your personal information, such as your name or email address, is not associated with your answers.  Panel members can opt out of a survey or the panel at any time.

How do I take surveys?

You can take SSRS Opinion Panel surveys online via your computer, tablet or smartphone.  You will receive an email with a personalized survey link.  You will be able to take the survey by clicking on the link.  If you gave permission to receive text messages, we may send you the survey invitation via text message as well.

How many surveys can I take?

On average, SSRS will send you 1 to 3 surveys per month.

Will I get paid?

Yes! For every survey you qualify for and complete, you will earn rewards.  Most surveys pay $5 each but some may pay more.  You will receive your payment via a gift code sent to you after a survey is completed.  Visit your profile to view your current rewards.

How do I join the SSRS Opinion Panel?

The SSRS Opinion panel is by invitation only.  After taking a telephone survey with us we may have invited you to join our online panel.  Check your email for our welcome message!

New Members can view their profile and take the registration survey to start earning rewards.  Current member can log in to their profile to view current rewards.

Can my friends and family join the SSRS Opinion Panel?

Panel membership is not open to friends and family of panel members. We only invite a scientifically selected number of households across the United States to participate.

Can I update my contact information?

Yes!  Visit your profile page or email us.

I’m concerned about my privacy.

Please view our Privacy Policy.

Do you have social media?

You can visit the SSRS social media here:

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