Your opinion is important, and we value what you have to say!

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As a member of the SSRS Opinion Panel, your opinion will be heard by business leaders, decision makers, news outlets and citizens across the country.


The panel has members from across the United States who are invited to join and participate in surveys.

We strive to give a voice to people of all ages, communities, backgrounds and lifestyles.

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We ask about current events and things that impact your life

About once a month, we will ask you to do a survey on an important topic.  Survey topics change each month and could include work, family, politics, religion, technology and more. We make every effort to keep the surveys brief.

An exclusive opportunity

Members of the SSRS Opinion Panel join by invitation only.  You represent people just like yourself.

Your responses help shape products and services you use

Your opinion will be seen by business leaders and decision makers across many industries.

Get paid

SSRS Opinion Panel members earn rewards for taking surveys.

Your privacy

We respect your privacy and will never share any of your personal information with anyone.

Testimonials from SSRS Opinion Panel Members

"I have enjoyed immensely reading and responding to SSRS surveys.

The insightful questions help me to organize my thoughts on many important and urgent questions of our time. I believe my relationship with SSRS has helped to make me a better and more engaged citizen."

- Andrew Newman, SSRS Opinion Panel Member

I truly appreciate the opportunity to share my opinions on the topics that effect everyday Americans,

especially at a time when many feel that their voices aren't being heard.  Thank you!"

- Kara LaSorsa, SSRS Opinion Panel Member